A great big cheers!

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To Shelley, Kathy, Sheryl, Jody and the rest of the mechanics, George and Pete at Castle Ford for helping me heal after my car accident. I made it home because of you!

To my comrades, Al and Trudi Roth, who rescued me and brought me to Pincher Creek where I was greeted with more love than I have ever found anywhere else.

To Shanna at Rexall who helped me move towards healing.

To Ashley, one of the RNs in training at the hospital for being so kind, caring and understanding.

To Margaret at 7/11 for lending a sympathetic ear.

To the RCMP who checked on me to make sure I was doing okay.

And to all of the wonderful, welcoming, supportive and positive people in Pincher Creek.

Thank you, I am on my way to recovery because of your support. You didn’t have to do what you did and I am forever grateful.

-Callie Power, EMT-P/HSA