• Hey, you're awesome

    It’s not you, it’s me. Is that what they say? No, that’s not right. It’s just time.
  • Cheers and Jeers

    Cheers... To all the kayakers who participated in the 3 Rivers Whitewater Rendezvous — what a way to start the paddling season! Cheers.
  • Cheers & Jeers

    Cheers... To the residents finally taking notice of what has been happening at the local government level — even if you don’t get an answer, which is deserved Cheers.
  • Cheers & Jeers

    Cheers... To all of those who are so generous and donate money to a great cause, especially you Bryce Cheers.
  • Our volunteers are the best!

    As National Volunteer Week winds down, it is important to look back and reflect on the hours and hours that everyday people have invested into the community.
  • It's just a game

    High school sports play an important role in towns like Pincher Creek. They provide our children with an excellent opportunity to learn lifelong skills like sportsmanship, leadership and cooperation.
  • Diplomacy versus holding people accountable

    I’m having trouble with politics right now. Not town council per say, but the relationships between businesses, organizations and individuals and the need to preserve those relationships despite wrong doings.
  • Good luck with that

    (Written before the we knew who won) To whoever won on May 5, congratulations. Now don’t forget what you said .
  • Bread crumbs

    There is an interesting form of amnesia that comes about every time the writ is dropped. We wait with bated breath for the competing parties to tell us why we ...
  • With water guns, please

    In a move that may seem controversial to some, this paper has decided to come out in favour of a Pincher Creek Splash Pad/Spray Park.
  • Lest we forget

    Canada has been recognizing Armistice Day since 1921 and then Remembrance Day since 1931. Nearly a century of remembering.
  • Cougar down

    I agree with the wildlife officers who shot the cougar outside of a hospital in Calgary the other day.
  • License plate politics

    Playing politics with our licence plates. Fun.   It’s hard to disagree with new coatings that help law enforcement.
  • World Cup confusion

    Who do I get to cheer for? I’m live-streaming the World Cup right now as I write this. The CBC have an amazing streaming service they unveiled for the Olympics ...
  • The dark arts

    They’re like dogs marking their territory. In most cases the drivel they spray out his less artistic merit than their canine counterparts, but I digress.