TC Energy considers Lundbreck for pipeline expansion

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TC Energy, formerly TransCanada Pipelines, presented to both Town and M.D. of Pincher Creek councils on December 9 and 10, demonstrating interest in putting a portion of the proposed NGTL West Path Delivery through the municipal district.

The proposed pipeline build is for a total of 38-km of 48-inch diameter pipeline spanning through three sections from Turner Valley, through Longview, to an area near Lundbreck.

The purpose of the proposed project is to supply southern Alberta and B.C. with natural gas, as well as other connected markets further downstream.

The Lundbreck section is proposed to be 7-km of the 38-km total, and would be located approximately 30-km to the northwest of the Town of Pincher Creek.

Preston Seier, Public Affairs Advisor at TC Energy who presented to both councils, said the project would be an expansion to an existing pipeline.

“We’re just adding to our current that we have, and we will be looping, if you will, through the area,” said Seier.


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He said the project is only in it’s proposal stage right now, and TC Energy still has research to do in order to discern the best course of action in terms of construction.

“We’re going to stick the best we can to the same right of way that we’re on—that being said, this pipe has been there for a while, so we’re going to see if there’s a better area for us to go through, and if there’s typography, land-owner, or municipality changes that we need to go through,” he said.

Seier said that the expansion would also see work done nearby in Crowsnest Pass, specifically by Coleman.

The total proposed pipeline would span eight sections, from Caroline, Alta. to Kingsgate, B.C.

Seier said that the final product would not be one single pipeline build, but individual expansions through different areas.

He said the project is currently in it’s engagement phase, but TC’s goal is to start construction by 2022.

“The timelines (for the proposed expansions) are all the same. We’ve started our engagement (in quarter three of 2019), and we’re looking to have the in-service date of 2023,” said Seier.

“Construction will begin with clearing in 2022, and main-line construction in 2023. These are small areas—7-km of pipe (within the M.D.), and as long as we can get constructing, we can get it in the ground quickly,” he said.

“The regulatory process that we go through to make sure we get everything correct takes a little bit of time, so that’s why there’s that layout.”


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The estimated workforce for the three combined sections was stated to be 1,000 workers, including entry-level labourers, highly-skilled tradesman, locally-based companies and workers, and indigenous companies and workers.

The 1,000 worker figure wouldn’t fully apply to the Lundbreck section, and the amount of local workers that TC Energy would utilize isn’t known at this time.

“This conversation that I’m having right now is a very early-on conversation. What we’re here to talk about is the projected work force,” said Seier.

If the project is to move forward as proposed, TC Energy would recruit their workforce through a supplier registration.

Seier said TC Energy promises to meet or exceed industry and government standards for safety and reliability, and would minimize noise, dust, and smell pollution, as well as the impact on traffic throughout construction.

“It’s one of our goals for what we do. We would obviously be moving machinery, so we would affect traffic at some point in time, but that’s a conversation we would want to have (with the M.D.) to make sure that it’s don’t appropriately and at the right times,” he said.

Seier said the 2023 timeline is best-case scenario, but it’s dependent on how the regulatory process goes with each proposed section.

No decisions have been made regarding TC Energy’s proposal, but the near future will tell what NGTL West Path Delivery will look like.

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